Relax at Sunset: Special Barayoga Class on the Beach on September 24 at 6:00 p.m.!


Hey! 🙌 On Sunday, September 24 at 6:00 p.m., we’ll meet at Azkorri Beach for our last yoga class of the season. And yes, it falls on the first day of autumn. 🍂🌊

Between the waves and the breeze, we are going to connect with our essence, balance the energies and welcome the equinox as it deserves. Did you know that the equinox is like the Black Friday of energies? Well, it’s time to align them with Mother Nature! 🌞🌱

If you would like to join, send a €10 Bizum to 644388801. And if San Pedro decides to cry that day, don’t worry, we have a plan B covered. Of course, only those who confirm with Bizum will know the mysterious secret place. ☔🏠
And after stretching and meditating, we’re going to celebrate with a picnic. You put your favorite food, and together we bring the laughs. 🍇🏠

Yoga and meditation are my emotional GPS, and I would love for you to discover if they can be yours too. 🌟

See you at the beach, friend! And remember, if you don’t come, the trees will know… 🌲😜

Namaste and bear hug!😄🕉️